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Oysterbay, 235 Mtwara Crescent, Off Ghuba Road


We have venues for indoor sessions and outdoor session. Be it a closed in event like boardroom sessions, trainings, brainstorming sessions or outdoor events like team buildings, focus groups discussions. Our facilities are perfect for the most high-value meetings, ideal for hosting workshops and seminars and 2 meeting rooms that allow you to escape the office for some much needed creative breathing room. The outdoor for team building can accommodate up to 100 pax



Working times

Monday - Friday 07:00:00 am - 07:00:00 pm
Saturday 07:00:00 am - 07:00:00 pm
Sunday 07:00:00 am - 07:00:00 pm

Reviews and Ratings

USD 400/Day
40 persons
USD 400/Day
100 persons

You can book to upto 3 hours on weekdays and upto 7 hours on weekends.